Hurricane Alert:
Things You Should Know

An AAHPO Medical Alert



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With Hurricane Irene fast approaching, AAHPO urges you to prepare now so that you and your family will stay safe.


Check basements frequently if you tend to get water in your basement during storms. REMEMBER THAT IF YOU SEE WATER, THE WATER MAY HAVE BECOME ELECTRIFIED!!!!! As water levels rise in basements the water could reach electrical outlets or extension cords that are lying on the floor. Do not go near these or attempt to touch these. Turn off the power first at the main panel or call for help. Again do not touch the water as this could be dangerous.

Please have on hand:

  • Fresh water - assume 1 gal per person in your household per day. Plan on a three-day supply.
  • If you have a camp stove for cooking have fuel on hand in case power or gas supply is disrupted.
  • Canned food and dried food (found in camping departments or stores).
  • Batteries that are fresh for flashlights, radios and other devices.
  • A first aid kit.
  • Enough presciption medications.
  • Special needs items for infants, elderly, and the disabled.
  • Cash - in case there is no access to banks and credit cards will not work during power outages.

Other steps to take:

  • Fill bathtubs with water and have a bucket ready to use to flush toilets in the event the water supply is disrupted.
  • Charge cell phones.
  • Remove or secure any patio furniture as well as any objects that might be affected by high winds. Tip down basketball backboards or any other tall structure.
  • During high winds, stay away from windows that could break from objects flying in the air.
  • Fill your cars with gas - if the power is out in large areas you will not be able to get fuel.
  • Last but certainly not least, check on elderly neighbors and those who may be incapacitated to see how you can help.

AAHPO Medical Alerts are brought to you by AAHPO Healthcare Professionals. AAHPO's strength lies in its highly dedicated and talented professionals who are inspired to help others. Please turn to AAHPO whenever you have medical concerns and questions.


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