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March 1, 2013 - Career Day with Armenian Engineers, New York, NY

July 3 - 7, 2013 - AMIC 11th Armenian Medical World Congress at the Loew's Hollywood Hotel, Los Angeles, CA  

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Lawrence V. Najarian, MD,President

Ted Chaglassian, MD, Past President

Arthur Kubikian, DDS
Vice President

Knarig Khatchadurian Meyer, PhD Corresponding Secretary

Tsoline Kojaoghlanian, MD
Recording Secretary

Garbis Baydar, MD

Louiza Puskulian-Kubikian, DDS
Membership Committee

Khoren Nalbandian, RPh

Edmund L. Gergerian, MD

Aram Cazazian, DDS
Vicken Pamoukian, MD
Terenig Terjanian, MD
Raffy Hovanessian, MD
Kim Hekimian, PhD  



AAHPO always here to help YOU and our COMMUNITY

As we approach 2013, AAHPO begins its 19th year serving the Armenian community. Our commitment to improve the health of all Armenians grows even stronger. AAHPO's volunteer health care heroes have been consistent and relentless in their pursuit of our mission. Our organization has received recognition as a New Jersey Healthcare Hero for initiatives right here in the tri-state area.

Our ability to positively impact our community's health grows as the synergies of our programs, services, and collaborations are yielding increasingly tangible results. With the utilization of social media we are reaching more community members, like YOU, than ever before.

We have established several ongoing initiatives such as the AAHPO Hotline, Charity Care, Pharmacy Benefit Program, AAHPO Medical Alerts, Blood Drives, Bone Marrow Registry in addition to medical lectures at local churches with Q&A. We measure the success of the following programs with an evidence based approach:

  • AAHPO's affiliation with the North Hudson Community Action Corporation ( continues to provide medical services to the uninsured and underinsured.
  • AAHPO video-taped 29 educational TV shows about common medical conditions, and broadcast them on cable TV station "Voice of Armenians", which reaches over 18 million subscribers.
  • AAHPO continues its outreach via email with important medical information (subscribe to the free service at AAHPO Medical Alerts Sign-up).
  • AAHPO offers a free directory of Armenian Healthcare Providers. In 2012, the website received more than 5,000 visits for the second consecutive year.
  • AAHPO Hotline calls increased three-fold in the last year and have provided valuable medical advice and guidance for community members needing support through a difficult time. The AAHPO Hotline is: 201-546-6166.

YOUR donation will help AAHPO continue its important work as well as implement new programs to deliver more medical services, support, and education to those who need it most. AAHPO is counting on YOUR support to expand and build upon these initiatives. YOUR donation is vital. YOUR tax-deductible gift of $200, $100, $50 represents an investment in YOUR health and AAHPO. DONATE NOW or the past couple weeks, a nationwide outbreak of fungal meningitis has been in the news!

On behalf of the Board, we thank you for your support and generosity.


Lawrence V. Najarian, MD                             Arthur Kubikian, DDS
Chairperson, Board of Trustees                     Member, Board of Trustees
President, AAHPO                                        Vice President, AAHPO


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Please Call the AAHPO Hotline: 201-546-6166


This AAHPO TV program and others about important health topics can be viewed anytime by visiting AAHPO TV Programs.

AAHPO Medical Alerts are brought to you by AAHPO Healthcare Professionals. AAHPO's strength lies in its highly dedicated and talented professionals who are inspired to help others. Please turn to AAHPO when you have medical concerns and questions.


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