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Very High Influenza Activity in Our Area: Please Get Vaccinated Today

We're hearing a lot about the nationwide flu outbreak. There are widespread cases reported in our region. Fortunately, we have infectious disease specialists Tsoline Kojaoghlanian, MD and Mihran Seferian, MD to help us sort it out.

Influenza activity continues to increase in the United States and most of the country is now experiencing high levels of influenza-like-illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). CDC continues to recommend influenza vaccination for people who have not yet been vaccinated this season and antiviral treatment as early as possible for people who get sick and are at high risk of flu complications.

Most people who get the flu will have mild illness, will not need medical care or antiviral drugs, and will recover in less than two weeks. Some people, however, are more likely to get flu complications that result in being hospitalized and occasionally result in death. Pneumonia, bronchitis, and dehydration are examples of flu-related complications. The list below includes the groups of people more likely to get flu-related complications if they get sick from influenza.

People at High Risk for Developing Flu-Related Complications

  • Children younger than five, but especially those younger than two
  • Adults 65 years of age and older
  • Pregnant women
  • People with certain medical conditions 

Who Should Get Vaccinated?

Everyone who is at least 6 months of age should get a flu vaccine. It's especially important for young children, older adults and people with certain medical conditions to be vaccinated. It's also important for people who live with or care for others who are high risk of developing serious complications to be vaccinated. 

What Are Symptoms of the Flu?

The flu is different from a cold. The flu usually comes on suddenly. People who have the flu often feel some or all of these symptoms:

  • Fever* or feeling feverish/chills
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue (tiredness)
  • Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults.

* It's important to note that not everyone with flu will have a fever.

What Should I Do if I Get the Flu?

  1. If you are in a high risk group, contact your doctor immediately.
  2. If you are not in a high risk group, stay home and stay away from others to prevent spreading the flu.
  3. Rest, take acetominophen (brand name Tylenol) or ibuprofen (brand name Advil or Motrin) to relieve muscle aches and reduce fever, and make sure you drink plenty of liquids, such as chicken soup, gatorade, tea and water.
  4. Do not resume your normal activities until you feel better and your flu symptoms have resolved.
  5. If your flu symptoms do not resolve within 3 days, or get worse (such as you experience difficulty breathing, confusion or extreme fatigue), please report to your doctor.

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