7 Ways to Prevent Eye Injury

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One U.S. survey shows that many people fear blindness more than they fear death! Our eyesight is certainly precious to our independence and quality of life. July is "Prevent Eye Injury" month, and we are fortunate to have John M. Aljian, MD, corneal surgeon and Chief of Eye Trauma at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary (and AAHPO member) to tell us how to protect our precious eyes.

Dr. Aljian warns that in the summertime, most eyes are injured at home:

  1. A high percentage of ocular injuries are from gardening (weeding, clipping roses, etc.), when the gardener does not wear eye protection. The injuries are complicated when the cornea is abraded with plant material that contains fungus.
  2. Weedwackers are a common source of ocular injuries when the operator does not wear eye protection. Once again, vegetation penetrates into the eye, and devastating infections occur.
  3. Home inprovements can cause ocular trauma. Anytime you pick up screwdriver or hammer in the house, you need to wear protective eyewear. Recoil injuries occur when you prying something open and the screwdriver slips - striking the eye at high velocity. Intraocular foreign bodies are common with hammering and chiseling, resulting in permanent visual loss.
  4. Paintball injuries are serious. Any commercial paintball facility will require you wear protective goggles. However, players can be injured when cleaning the paintball gun at home, or not wearing protective eyewear, even if its for a fraction of a second.
  5. Bungee cords cause ocular trauma. Let's say you are in a rush to leave. When securing items to your car roof, the bungee cord can slip and strike the eye at high velocity. Be very careful with bungee cords.
  6. Sports are another common cause of injuries. Anything thrown, such as a frisbee or ball, puts you at risk. Once again, wear protective eyewear.
  7. Fireworks are the classic way to injure eyes and go blind. Home fireworks are against the law in many states, NY, NJ and CT included.

For more information about eye injury, visit the medical library of the American Academy of Ophthalmology by clicking here.

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