Dr. Garbis Kassabian – Visit to St. Grigor Lusavorich Medical Center

A visit to St. Grigor Lusavorich Medical Center impressed me with the dedication of the medical and nursing staff in taking care of their patients.


I first met with the hospital Vice President, Dr. Avagyan. He introduced me to Dr. Vardan Navasardyan, reanimatology specialist, who is in charge of the ICU. I rounded with him in the ICU. The patients there were short term and long term patients needing critical care, including ventilators. They ran the gamut of critical illnesses from trauma to complicated medical illnesses. Dr. Navasardyan revealed to me that parts are sometimes hard to replace on ventilators and other equipment.


Dr. Navasrdyan then took me to the thoracic surgery floor where I participated in the rounds with the thoracic surgeons.The patients that I observed in the thoracic surgery department had a variety of illnesses, with a varying spectrum of pathologies, not unlike what we see in the US. Some illnesses are diagnosed and treated very similarly. Others are treated slightly differently but just as effectively. The limiting factors were diagnostic tests for uncommon and complex illnesses that are either too expensive to perform or are not available in Armenia.


Garbis Kassabian, MD
Mission Hills, CA

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