The Armenian American Health Professional Organization (AAHPO) represents all health professions including nursing, pharmacy, nutrition, dentistry and medicine in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region. Our mission is to improve health care awareness, increase disease prevention and early detection, and provide medical support and education to our local community as well as our brethren in Armenia.

Our organization’s strength lies in its highly dedicated and talented professionals who are inspired by helping others. In the past year, the hard work of all the board members has enabled our organization to be more engaged with both our lay and professional community than ever before.

Our mission of community service has inspired many new members to join our organization. Additionally, our outreach programs have attracted many members of our community who have attended AAHPO’s medical workshops, read newspaper articles in the Armenian Reporter on significant health issues, or have listened to interviews with AAHPO’s members on the Armenian Radio Hour. AAHPO has also supported bone marrow screenings in hope of finding lifesaving donors. Our members take pride in assisting individuals in time of need.

Our dream is to provide accessible health care resources to all Armenians. Our initial priority to facilitate this goal is to redesign our web site. This site will allow rapid access to AAHPO’s extensive medical resources and personnel and foster closer communication with the community we serve. Additionally, several other long term projects are under review to ensure we meet our objectives.

This year AAHPO  is hosting two missions in Armenia. Our members regularly visit the motherland on medical missions. We were grateful for the opportunity to orchestrate the one million dollar donation of state of the art surgical equipment by Pfizer to the Armenian Eye Care Project to develop the Center of Eye Care Excellence. This center is now open in Yerevan where not only ophthalmologists, but also surgeons from all specialties, will master modern surgical techniques in a laboratory setting. Generations of patients and surgeons are already benefiting from this donation.

Together, we have accomplished a lot, but we have more to do. We will work hard to earn your confidence and in return we ask for your support in helping us continue our mission.

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