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Voskevan Village Clinic Construction Project

Goal: To help raise $57,453 US Dollars

The Voskevan Village Clinic in needed to drastically improve the health care quality and increase the types of healthcare services that can be provided to the community. This is even more critical in case of possible resuming of war with Azerbaijan. This will also afford the re-opening of the kindergarten.

The village of Voskevan is located in the northern district of Noyemberyan of Tavoush marz (region) of the Republic of Armenia. It is a border village, situated at one-two km from the Azerbaijani borderline, at an altitude of 850 meters above sea level. The village is 35 km north from Ijevan town (regoinal center) and 18 km south from Noyemberyan town (district center). Nearby Armenian villages are Koti (7 km to the North-East) and Baghanis (2 km to the South-West). Voskevan has a population of 1521 (401 households). Agriculture and animal farming are the main occupations of the residents. The settlement has a crucial strategic importance - it defends the main highway connecting Armenia to its northern districts and Georgia.

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Automatice Electronic Defibrillators (AED) Program

AAHPO is currently negotiating with several companies the purchase of Automatic Electronic Defibrillators. The goal is to achieve the best price for our members as well as to have the company chosen, donate several units to our churches. Units will be available for individuals to donate as well.

AEDs are used to save the life of a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. They are specifically designed to allow non-medical personnel with minimal training to successfully defibrillate a victim. And it is safe – it only shocks a patient if a shock is needed. The AED determines if the patient is in Sudden Cardiac Arrest, not the person administering the treatment.

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