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The AAHPO Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program is making it possible for Armenian doctors in Nagorno-Karabagh and Javakhk to receive training to update their clinical expertise in their specialty.

Pictured left to right: Vicken Pamoukian, MD, Aram Cazazian, DDS, Edgar Housepian, MD, Larry Najarian, MD, and Arthur Kabukian, DDS

The CME Program was first created in 2005 by FAR and the FAR Fellowship Alumni Association. The CME Program aims to bolster the overall health of the Armenia’s people by improving the skills of Armenian doctors.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the majority of doctors in Armenia’s rural regions have been unable to refresh their medical skills due to the high cost and inaccessibility of certification programs. This has lead to a decline in the quality of healthcare as many doctors are unaware of the advances in the medical field. Through CME, doctors from these areas can learn to master innovative approaches, methods and technologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan, free of cost. Once they return home, they join an extensive network of CME healthcare professionals and receive ongoing support from their mentors and colleagues in Yerevan. Since it began, the CME Program has touched the lives of more than 250 Armenian healthcare providers and thousands of Armenians who continue to benefit from the improved healthcare they can receive.

The AAHPO CME Program will provide training to doctors in Nagorno-Karabagh and Javakhk. This program is gravely needed in these areas, as there currently are no opportunities for Armenian doctors to receive training in either place. With your help, at least 80 physicians from these regions can to join the program by 2013.

See Our CME Graduates!

In addition, CME Graduates will be able to continue receiving medical updates and training through AAHPO Missions to Armenia and the HyeBridge Telehealth Armenian Telemedicine Program.


HyeBridge Telehealth Armenian Telemedicine Program

HyeBridge Telehealth Armenian Telemedicine Program provides a better quality of life for all Armenians through faster, more effective healthcare.

The program is designed to deliver improved healthcare to underserved rural Armenian communities. This Armenian telemedicine program uses Internet-based videoconferencing technologies and a dedicated website to deliver continuous medical education and diagnostic and treatment services to local healthcare providers and patients.


HyeBridge Telehealth conferencing session

The program initially targets five rural villages in the Tavush region with the telemedicine program. Once established, Armenia Fund USA will then expand the scope of the program to include 159 villages in five additional regions.

The Tavush marz, including the villages of Aygedzor, Voskevan, Sevkar, Aygehovit , is 64 percent rural with a population of nearly 122,000 people spread across more than 40 communities. As of 2004, the Tavush marz was home to 228 doctors and 604 nurses, a lower average than Armenia as a whole.


HyeBridge Telehealth diagnostic session

HyeBridge Telehealth features a specially-designed education website, and an Internet-based videoconferencing network linking seven Tavush hospitals and health centers with Yerevan State Medical University after Heratsi.

The program enables local healthcare providers to:

  • Access a full database of education modules, created by medical faculty at Yerevan State Medical University of Heratshi, and other critical learning resources, for continuing medical education purposes;

  • Polycom videoconferencing unit on desk

  • Consult the latest medical journals and articles via a subscription to Ovid Technologies, a leading provider of electronic medical, scientific, and academic research information solutions that includes hundreds of databases, more than thousand journals and books from dozens of publishers;

  • Conduct local diagnostic and educational, “grand round” of telemedicine sessions with doctors in Armenia and/or a network of U.S.-based physicians.



AAHPO is a partner with the Armenia Fund USA and Yerevan State Medical University, who have partnered with several other key organizations. AAHPO, Polycom, Inc, Karabakh Telecom, and VivaCell, are working together to provide the necessary technologies, infrastructure, and knowledge to power HyeBridge Telehealth.

HyeBridge Telehealth Partners


If you or anyone you know would like more information on the AAHPO CME Program, please send us an email to info@aahpo.org with your name and a phone number that we can reach you or click Help Save Lives! to make a donation now.






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